The project carried out by Funtec Insular always get the best results because we always prepare a technical implementation and monitoring study.
Here are some of our projects:

Granadilla de Abona (Tenerife): The aesthetic of this crypt set makes it stand out elegantly inside a modern environment. In this case, it is built with black marble headstone. I has been built with Funtec Insular’s structural and aesthetic guarantee.
Adeje (Tenerife): This set of niches is a sample of the many positive opportunities offered by Funtec Insular. We have created a harmonic structure with the environment while respecting the aesthetic character of the wall in the background.
Tacoronte (Tenerife): The construction of columbaria to optimize and share space with other structures, whether new or old. Columbaria in the image are the top side of the corridor created between the structure of the cemetery niches.
La Laguna (Tenerife): Funtec Insular’s sollutions make graves we manufacture provide the appropriate functional and aesthetic features. Our monolithic building system avoids the presence of humidity as detrimental to the burial permanence.
Benidorm (Alicante): Display of the multiple aesthetic and functional finishes of Benidorm’s cemetery. In this case it has been covered with a hipped roof. It is important to stress the roof ventilation system of our unique building system.
San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante): A monolith of modern and simple lines has been created for this cemetery of exposed concrete protected by an overhang that creates a shaded area for the visitor’s convenience.
Santa Brígida (Gran Canaria): All Funtec Insular’s projects are tailored to the cemetery’s needs, suited to the terrain, and the aesthetic environment where it is located.
Punta Umbría (Huelva): The garden on the monolithic niche structure is one of the many possibilities that brings Funtec Insular’s job, creating an aesthetic and propper environment.
Mogán (Gran Canaria): The niche building, with a uniform gravestone for the whol is notable for the simplicity and visual balance it offers, showing the endless possibilities of finishing a funeral structure.
La Laguna (Tenerife): The dual funcionality use for this building: niches in the columbarium at the front and side, optimize the soil use. Again, the smooh finish of the sones brings elegance to this set.